Be a Hygienic Client

During your tattoo session, you and your tattoo artist are going to be getting right up in each others personal space, for quite a few hours. This includes getting your naked bits out and breathing each others air.

Make the effort to be a considerate and hygienic client. Don’t be the funky smelling customer of your Tattooist’s nightmares. So before you leave home for your tattoo appointment make sure you;

•Brush your teeth.

•Shower using soap.

•Wear fresh, clean clothes.

•Bring Tic Tac’s or breath mints.

•Don’t overdo deodorants, perfumes or colognes.

•Tie your hair up in a ponytail (you don’t want hair particles through your new tattoo).

•If your feet smell like death, don’t take your shoes off.

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